Virginia centenarians weigh in on 2016 election

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016 3:12 pm EDT


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Fort Belvoir, Va. (ABC7) — Vote 2016 has been a wild ride. And with just a couple weeks until election day, we wanted to hear from voters who've seen and heard it all. We wanted their perspective on the candidates and our politics.

The Fairfax, a senior independent living community in Fort Belvoir, celebrated centenarians who live across Northern Virginia on Tuesday afternoon. About a dozen attended the special luncheon. All of them are turning 100-years old or older this year.

“I'm 105 in two months - three months,” said Martha Ann Miller, correcting herself with a laugh.

“There's no history for this,” said 102-year old Joe Lucchi. “This is the roughest election I remember in all my years.”

“I hope it gets better,” said 101-year old Barbara Sheehan.

Raymond Renola, who turns 100 next month, said, “Maybe we should have a shorter campaign period.”

Born in 1916 or earlier, these centenarians were alive when American forces joined World War I, before the invention of the pop-up toaster and before commercial radio filled the airwaves.

Over the course of their lives, there have been 17 U.S. presidents, starting with Woodrow Wilson. Nine of those presidents were Republicans and eight were Democrats. Of course, all of them were men.

But now, these voters could witness more history with the first female commander in chief.

“I've always want to see a woman but we've never quite made it,” said 102-year old Kay St. John.

Gert Feldman – a 103-year old who proudly wears her "Bridge Players Say No To Trump" button - voted early.

“Oh yeah, I don't want to die before,” Feldman chuckled. “I'd be very angry, so I voted two weeks ago.”

In this group of local centenarians, there are Republicans and Democrats, including a few Clinton supporters. But we could find no one voting for Trump.

“How he ever decided to run for president I don't know,” said Louis Olon.

Like Americans of all ages, several of these voters don't like either candidate and don't know who they'll vote for in two weeks.

“I'm not very pleased with either one,” said 103-year old Clive Watson.

“I have to go and do my duty, but help me God,” Vera Punke said with laughter.

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